Learn Lean Ux model

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To participate in League 1, answer Q.1 - Q.4
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1. Explain what purpose you want to use your NLP model.

the purpose is to learn about lean ux model while writting about it via suggestions.

2. How did you collect and prepare your dataset?

I used an ebook named- Lean UX Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience by Jeff Gothelf, Josh Seiden

  • It is important to verify the license of the dataset before you use them.

3. Make writing with your NLP model

4. Attach your TabTab link so that people can test your model


User experience is now available to every device. The user interface has also been expanded. < bolded words were from AI

What is UX? UX is all about solving problems and being flexible: iterating, engaging with the world around

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Link is here!