Will data analysts be replaced in small businesses with AI?

Analytic are people who bring together data to identify data-driven insight that allows decision-makers to make better decisions. Every business has or should have a data analyst of some that creates meaningful information from data that is utilized to drive the business decision. However, with the rise of AI, business is pivoting from employing an analyst into becoming their analyst. This shift is mainly due to reducing cost and is seen mostly amongst small businesses where capital can be limited. However, with this shift happening steadily, the AI software used can seem very complicated to the everyday Joe, which leads to the business require an analyst or two to use the software to solve business decisions. But what if the was an AI-driven software that anybody, and I mean anybody at a company could use. I give you SAM!

SAM stands for simple analysis machine and its main aim is to simplify the process of making data-driven decisions using AI.

If you want to check out SAM straight away, please refer to the following link!
Demo: https://github.com/eosineye1/sam

API: https://main-sam-eosineye1.endpoint.ainize.ai/

Most businesses utilize AI-powered systems as investments tools, chatbots, and virtual assistants, but many do not take full advantage of its capabilities to analyze large amounts of cleaned data to driving meaningful full information. This problem is prevalent in small businesses that are short on capital and must compete with a more established business. SAM can help with that. SAM allows users to quickly generate visual representations and information from data and presents this in a user-friendly, fast, and efficient format, which enables everyone to be a data analyst in second.

SAM was created using Streamlit, Pandas, Altair, Mathplotlib and take a cleaned excel spreadsheet as input.

How does SAM work?

SAM is a web app built with the open-source python framework Streamlit. It creates an interactive loop where users can use components such as buttons, dropdowns, and sliders to view results in the web app. Given the user’s selections from numerous dropdowns, different functions are executed to generate and display the requested information.

What can SAM do?

SAM can display and allows users to manipulate an excel spreadsheet utilizing Pandas.

SAM can generate and display descriptive statistics on an attribute in the data set.

SAM can create scatter plots, line charts, bar charts, and are charts about an attribute in the data set.

The rise of AI has been rapid over the past decade and with many advancements in AI technology, the space is prime for software takeover. However, many businesses still prefer human intersection and oversight and are uneager to put their full trust into an application. This is understandable as if a bad recommendation is made, the analyst can grow from it and adjust for next time. But, with a third-party AI application, this might not be possible. For the forcible future, businesses still need analysts to make decisions with the help of AI-driven software.