What is Ainize? or if you need help using Ainize, please read

Hi community,

Some of you may wonder what is Ainize and what does it relate to our AI Network project. In a nutshell, Ainize is a platform where AI solution providers and Dapp developers can easily deploy and request AI solutions without proper computing resource or configuration.

Ainize takes important role in AI Network ecosystem. Its backend is planned to be fully integrated with decentralized clouds connected with AI Network Blockchain after the Mainnet launch.

This Ainize category is for App/Dapp developers,

  1. who’d like to use APIs that are already deployed on Ainize and have questions.
  2. who’d like to deploy new open source projects on Ainize for free and use it serverlessly.

First, please take it look at,

  1. Ainize developer document: What is Ainize - Ainize Tutorials
  2. Watch tutorial video: [Ainize Tutorial] Getting started with Ainize - YouTube

If you still can’t find answers, please ask questions in this forum. Ainize Dev team and others will help you as soon as possible.

Happy Ainizing!

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