Try running AI Network Worker node to earn AIN

Hi community,

Last Q4 2020, the dev team’s main goal was to connect distributed computing nodes to AI models on Ainize. We started with one model, Natural Language Processing model named GPT-2. So now, anyone can start mining AIN by providing their GPU powers to AI Network.

We also launched an application that uses GPT-2 model, named ‘AI Writers’. It’s Grammarly type of Chrome extension app that suggests what to write next in English. Download link: AI NETWORK.

So what’s the next step to provide your GPU computing resources and earn AIN? Please visit our developer document page: AI Network Worker - AI Network. It could be a bit difficult for non-developers, so if you have any questions, please feel free to add replies here or visit our Telegram group: Telegram: Contact @ainetwork_en.

Happy AI Writing!

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