[Teachable NLP] Make attractive AD transcripts for your product

1. Explain what purpose you want to use your NLP model.

As a marketer, it takes a lot of time to think of appealing advertisement transcripts. To save my time, I want to make an NLP model that writes advertisement transcripts about my products. I used Teachable NLP to make this possible.

2. How did you collect and prepare your dataset?

To prepare the advertisement transcripts dataset, I looked up the word, ‘Advertisement’, at the data section in Kaggle. Thankfully, I found the data that I need.: ’ Advertisement Transcripts from Various Industries. ’ (link)

The advertisement transcripts are consist of 2,000 advertisement scripts from various industries including automotive, food & beverage, home & personal care, healthcare, media & entertainment, advocacy, and more.

Then I checked the license of the data. The data license is CC0: Public Domain, one of several public copyright licenses that enable free distribution.

How to improve the quality data that can be used for training?

After I downloaded the dataset, I check the dataset to find parts that do not need to be trained.
Since I only need the advertisement transcripts, I removed all columns except the ‘Ad copy’ column and also removed ‘Ad copy’ row, which is the name of the data.

Be aware of the file format of your dataset! Teachable NLP accepts only TXT files so I converted the CSV file into TXT file format by using csv. → txt. file converter.

After converting the file format, I checked inappropriate empty spaces that do not need to be trained. There was no inappropriate empty space that needed to be removed.

When the data cleaning was done, I checked whether the data size is enough to train the model or not. The data size is 733 KB, which is somewhat enough to train the model.

3. Show your writing with your NLP model (Use bold in Sentences where AI Wrote)

Since the dataset includes the food & beverage category, I typed ‘Ice cream’ and clicked ‘Run autocomplete’ button. I chose one of the suggestions that are perfect for my ice cream advertisement transcripts.

See my first result below. The sentence suggested by my NLP model is mind-blowing! I wouldn’t even have thought about it. Isn’t this amazing?

  • Bolded words were written by myself. :

Icecream and chocolate chips, it’s a meal that will make you forget all about work, deadlines, schedules

Tada! After few more iterations, I made a compelling advertisement transcript for my product with a help of my NLP model.

  • Bolded words were written by myself.
  • Italics words were originally suggested by my NLP model but I replaced them to words that were more related to my product.

Ice cream and chocolate chips, it’s a dessert that will make you forget all about work, deadlines, schedules, budgets, and all the worries. Ice cream will satisfy your soul, your body and your spirit with this savory. Our ice cream has three flavors: Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate. Try this out and see how they differ from one another. Visit our website icecream.com for a taste of your favorite.

:shushing_face:A small tip to make your advertisement transcripts better:
Don’t hesitate to edit the sentences suggested by your NLP model! Your direction will make your NLP model write better advertisement transcripts that are more related to your product!

4. Try my model: link