[Teachable NLP] How to Use Teachable NLP

What is Teachable NLP?

Teachable NLP is a free service that you can easily train GPT-2 Model and make your own AI services. All you need to do is preparing your own text data. Teachable NLP will do the rest to train the AI model.

How to get started? Join with Github

Click ‘Join with Github’ to access Teachable NLP. If you already have a GitHub account, you are ready to go.

Prepare your own text data

Before you prepare text data to train the NLP model, you need to decide what you want to make with the NLP model. After you decided on it, collect text data that are related to your purpose.

For example, if you want to make a song lyrics generator, you need to collect song lyrics data. You can download the song lyrics dataset from Kaggle, where users can find various data set. It is important to verify the license of the dataset before you use them. Check out the tutorial on Song Lyrics Generator (link)

To get a better outcome from your NLP model, you need to improve data quality based on how you want to use your NLP model. For example, if you want to make a research paper generator with your NLP model and don’t want your model to generate the author’s information, you need to delete all of the author’s information from your dataset. Check out the tutorial on NIPS Research Paper Generator (link)

Are you done with improving data quality? Let’s upload your dataset on Teachable NLP by clicking the ‘Upload text file’ button. Please be aware that you are only able to upload TXT file type. The text file size should be at least 1MB to train. You are also welcome to use the text file provided on the tooltip.

Train GPT-2 model with your data

When you are done with preparing the dataset, it is time to train the NLP model! Choose the type of the GPT-2 model and the epochs. Then, click the ‘Train’ button to start training. Once a training request is submitted, you are able to know the queue order of your training.

Let’s cut in!

Now, you are able to find when your training will begin. Do you want to get started quickly? Click the ‘Cut-in’ button.

Choose the queue order where you want to cut in.

To cut in, you need to pay AIN. You are able to receive AIN by joining our Membership Plan, which will be opened soon. Before our Membership Plan opens, the first-time user will receive 100 AIN for free.
You need to enter the Cut-in fee more than the minimum Cut-in fee. The more you pay, the quicker your model will be trained. Please be aware that your queue order might be changed when another user pays a Cut-in fee more than you paid.

Almost there! Your model will be ready.

When training is done, you will be notified by e-mail! When you receive the notification e-mail, you are able to test your NLP model and view API at Teachable NLP.

When you click ‘Test your model’, you will be directed to TabTab to test your NLP model. As you type song lyrics and enter the ‘Tab key’ or click ‘Run autocomplete’, your NLP model will autocomplete your song lyrics based on what you typed!

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