Node running OK but not listed on

Hi guys,

I have my node setup and running ok on a rig with a 1080ti card.
The 2 dockers containers are running perfectly fine too for ainblockchain/worker-docker and gkswjdzz/gpt-2-large-torch-serving which is started by the first one after a minute.

As well, I see in the logs that the rewards are arriving:

2021-03-10T20:27:16.819Z [handler/worker] info: [+] Start Worker [
      Worker Address: 0x64438E0BC4ac6c9fc9adf326b014aa42518E40Be
      Model Name: gpt-2-large-torch-serving
2021-03-10T20:27:21.079Z [handler/worker] info: [+] Start to create Job Container. It can take a long time.
2021-03-10T20:31:54.367Z [handler/worker] info: [+] Success to create Job Container.
2021-03-10T20:32:55.993Z [handler/worker] info: [+] Start to listen Job
2021-03-10T21:00:21.619Z [handler/worker] info: [+] Current AIN Total Reward balance: 0.01 ain (+ 0.01)
2021-03-10T22:00:19.010Z [handler/worker] info: [+] Current AIN Total Reward balance: 0.05 ain (+ 0.04)
2021-03-10T23:00:23.272Z [handler/worker] info: [+] Current AIN Total Reward balance: 0.060000000000000005 ain (+ 0.01)
2021-03-11T00:00:21.069Z [handler/worker] info: [+] Current AIN Total Reward balance: 0.21 ain (+ 0.15)
2021-03-11T01:00:21.934Z [handler/worker] info: [+] Current AIN Total Reward balance: 0.25 ain (+ 0.04)
2021-03-11T02:00:20.556Z [handler/worker] info: [+] Current AIN Total Reward balance: 0.29 ain (+ 0.04)

For network, I ensured that the tcp/7777 port is opened.
I didn’t open the tcp/9001 (not sure if this one needs to be exposed publicly?)

Now, my problem is that my node is not being listed on the explorer AI Network Insight
Anyone knows what I’m missing? ?

AINetwork is a great project that I would love to participate to.
Thanks for the help guys.


Hi, Florian. There’re two different types of nodes. One is for AIN Blockchain, the other is for AIN Worker. AIN Worker is the one currently available which executes ML jobs on AIN Blockchain and gives you rewards. Blockchain nodes are currently privately operated and do not have any rewards.

I think it would be better to show AIN Workers in AI Network Insight as well. We will try :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer @kmh4500 it now makes sense. Yes, that’d be great if I can see my worker node on the dashboard. I’ll be willing to bring about 35 x Asus 1080ti 11G/OC for running on the project.

Also, happy to run an AIN Blockchain node if that’s possible. My infrastructure is hosted on HP Blade chassis industry grade servers hosted in temperature controlled room/backed power/Fiber symetric 1Gbps bw.

Don’t hesitate to pm me to discuss details if interested. Take care.