How does classification work and what does it do?

Every day, we spend most of our time classifying things and that is just human nature. We spend organizing the new information with the old information we know to do things effectively or to help ourselves reach our desired goal.

The most common example of this is reading. We classify words and sentences to understand what they really mean. For example, if I give you the sentence “US won a gold medal in the Olympics” we know this is a topic of sports. However, this is pretty hard for a computer to do. So, I built a program that allows the computers to understand what topic a sentence belongs to. The program allows the users to input a title, headline, or sentence and allows the program to predict what category it belongs to. This category includes Business, Entertainment, Politics, Sports, and Tech.

For example, one can write “AMD announces $8 billion stock buyback program ” and the computer will predict the topic as ‘business’. This goes for the rest of the 4 topics as well.

If you want to check out the demo please visit:

and to read more about details of the code please visit:

Things like this are used every day by different companies and people. The most common one is google showing a pre-answer on the tab when we search a word or a picture on the google search bar. Or as for the project, a news article title can be used a lot to classify the news articles to even create a bigger data set. The possibility is indeed limitless and the implementation of it as well.

To summarize, classification is used a lot in the world. I talked about and built a simple project that allows users to input a sentence and give a prediction based on the sentence what topic it belongs to.

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