CommonComputer has been selected as a ‘promising startup in Seoul’ by Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG)

AI Network developer ‘CommonComputer’ has been selected by SMG(Seoul Metropolitan Government) for the ‘2020 Comprehensive Package for Promoting Growth of Promising Start-ups 100’!!!

With the recommendation of KB Investment, ‘CommonComputer’ were able to be selected as one of the 100 promising start-ups.

KB Investment said in its recommendation, “We agreed that sharing P2P computing resources that CommonComputer want to create is possible in the current network environment, also it needed in the current startup market, and can grow in today’s artificial intelligence era.” And “It was cool to have a developer-turned-representative who wanted everyone in the world to use what he, founder Kim Min-hyun, enjoyed within the boundaries of large companies.” KB Investment also mentioned that “The CommonComputer had excellent manpower and solid teamwork. 90% of the investment decisions came from them.”

CommonComputer is a company that provides blockchain cloud. It removes the limitations of large-scale computational resources essential for artificial intelligence and the development environment to operate them, and provides a system that rewards contributions whenever cooperative developed artificial intelligence is used.

It has developed blockchain technology that enables distributed computing environment without centralization, simple distribution technology of artificial intelligence models, and also has artificial intelligence API marketplace platform.

Earlier, it received a total of 2.99 million $ worth of Series A investment attractions and major investment include KB Investment, HB Investment, and Hana Ventures.

Kim Min-hyun, founder of CommonComputer, said, “As AI trends are evolving to secure general purpose with large-scale computational resources and data, we are thinking of solving them through a network that allows free sharing and disclosure of computational resources and AI models.” He added that “Please pay attention to the global cooperative network, AI Network, that delivers value and information together.”

AI Network is a blockchain-based, cloud computing network for an open, interoperable ecosystem of AI solutions. No single entity owns AI solutions on the network, but there are contributors, such as computing resource providers and contributors of the source code, who maintain and develop the solutions and get rewards via AIN token. AI Network was founded in July 2018. The AIN token is designed as a utility token when using solutions on the network by paying for computational power and the value of the AI solution. As more computing power and AI solutions join the network, the utility of the AIN token will increase accordingly. Currently, hundreds of open source AI projects are deployed and served in the marketplace platform named Ainize. ( It’ll be the destination for App developers who’re willing to use AI solutions backed by AI Network.