AIN token economy overview (as of Dec 2020)

Hi community,

Many of you visiting our community asks about our recent updates of AIN token economy. Let me briefly summarize the current snapshot of AIN token economy.

  1. What is AIN token?
    AIN token is a utility token that is used to purchase certain services available on the AI Network blockchain. AIN token will give token holders access rights to use AI platform, and can be used to pay for renting computing powers.

  2. Total supply
    700,000,000 AIN.

  3. Circulating supply
    Approx. 30,000,000 AIN as of Dec 2020.

  4. Token distribution information
    Please find the detailed figure on AI NETWORK.

  5. Public sale
    AIN token hasn’t gone through public token sale nor ICO.

  6. Private sale
    Excluding a few early VIP sales to fund early operating money, which amounts to less than 100K USD, the dev team privately sold AIN token only to Unblock ventures, the corporate blockchain-focused fund of LVC, a subsidiary of Japan’s leading messenger operator LINE Corporation.

The announcement can be found here: AI Network raises investment from Unblock Ventures | by AI Network | AI Network Blog | Medium.

  1. Lock-up
    As of Dec 2020, 93.01% of the total supply is locked in the smart contract (address: 0x4a0e1867272cd78ae47973a7875420b3c7d1e9a5). Most of them are reserved for future distribution, mainly for AI Network ecosystem participant’s rewards.

  2. Future token distribution plan
    Please find the detailed figure on AI NETWORK.

  3. Listed exchanges

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